Corporate Philosophy

Corporate Creed

Life is like an echo

Upholding our founder Shohei Nozaki’s belief, “Life is like an echo / If we act properly, we are rewarded properly,” we deliver happiness to everyone with a spirit of sincerity, humility and gratitude.

Our Philosophy Diagram

Corporate Philosophy

Corporate Philosophy

Contribute as a company that is indispensable for society by providing products and services based on safety and security that are trusted, loved and appreciated by users.

Code of Conduct

Involvement in Community and Social Contribution

We comply with domestic and foreign laws and regulations and internal regulations, and each and every employee acts as a good corporate citizen, always behaving in an ethical manner with sincerity towards society and contributing to its development.

Respect for Human Rights

We manage the Company, respecting the human rights of all people involved in our corporate activities. We do not discriminate or engage in unjust treatment on the basis of race, nationality, religion, creed, gender, age, social status or disability.

Fair Transactions

We engage in fair, transparent and free competition and appropriate transactions as well as responsible procurement. We also maintain sound and normal relations with the industry, administrative authorities, politicians and the government.

Safety and Security of Products and Services

We thoroughly comply with food product related laws and regulations with a core principle to deliver safe and secure products and services to customers. We build and operate food safety management systems to ensure the safety of products and services, and provide necessary information in a sincere, timely and appropriate manner. In the event that a food safety related problem arises, we will quickly seek out the cause and take action to prevent it.

Cooperation in the Entire Value Chain

We implement initiatives to cooperate, support and share technology and knowledge to support the entire value chain from procurement and development to manufacture, shipment, logistics and sales based on alliances with all our customers.

Responsibility to Stakeholders

We engage in constructive dialog with our wide-ranging stakeholders and provide fair information disclosure to ensure sustainable growth and improvement in medium- to long-term corporate value.

Sustainable Economic Growth and Solving Social Issues

We facilitate innovation to develop and provide safe products and services that are useful for society and aim for sustainable economic growth and to solve social issues.

Initiatives to Address Environmental Issues

We proactively contribute to a sustainable society, aiming for harmony with the global environment in all aspects of our corporate activities.

Thorough Crisis Management

We are prepared for various events such as acts of antisocial forces and terrorism, cyberattacks and natural disasters that threaten civic life and corporate activities and are thorough in our measures for organizational crisis management.

Comfortable Workplace

We will achieve a workstyle that increases employees’ capabilities and respects diversity, character and individuality. In addition, we strive to enrich various welfare systems and to build systems that prevent work-related injuries and illnesses to maintain and improve the comfortable and rewarding workplace that pay due attention to health and safety as well as mental health.