Human Resources Development

We will care for our people and organization.

Believing that our people are the source of our growth, we will provide whatever support we can so that all employees can do their work enthusiastically, grow, and lead happy, full, and rich lives.
Moreover, we will utilize diverse human resources and aim for an organizational culture of respecting and accepting various ways of thinking, backgrounds, and abilities.

ICHIMASA KAMABOKO ESG Management Declaration

Promotion of Ichimasa Work Style (IWS)

At Ichimasa Kamaboko, we recommend a work style in which employees can develop their skills and engage in intellectually creative activities during working hours to an extent that does not hinder their daily work.

・To realize strong individuals and organizations in which employees and company can grow together
・To promote work style reform (more rewarding work, life-work balance, diverse work styles)

Provision of Growth Opportunities – Career Plans and Evaluation Criteria

In the twice-yearly personnel evaluations, employees compare and adjust their work objectives and daily work with their bosses from five perspectives. We draw up education and training masterplans and work for employees’ career advancement through programs such as grade-based training and divisional training. Recognizing the difference in the rations of men and women in management positions, we also conduct grade-based training for female employees.

Five Key Points of Personnel Evaluation

Open-style Training

We respect the desire of employees to learn themselves and provides open-style training in addition to OJT, regardless of employment status.

Open-style Training

MY Yamabiko Activities

We conduct workplace labor productivity enhancement activities, called MY Yamabiko Activities, with the aim of fostering a vibrant workplace culture and human resources development.

MY Yamabiko Activities