Growth Strategy

Our goals for FY2045
ICHIMASA 30 Vision

Global Company

Global Company sharing the beauty of Japanese “food” throughout the world by focusing on caring about “safety & security” , “health & the environment” and “emotional fulfillment”

Food Science Company

A food science company continuously pursuing technology and disseminating all kinds of “food” information for future

Warm-hearted Company

A warm-hearted company delivering “happiness” and pleasure of food to every customer and stakeholder

Road map of super long-term plan

Making changes “Now” based on backcasting

2nd Medium-term Management Plan <5 years for establishing growth trajectory> 
July 1, 2021 to June 30, 2026

Basic Policy

We will establish a foundation for profitability and growth potential for the business through bold initiatives in domestic and overseas markets to ensure that we achieve the goals for the First Stage: “5 years for establishing growth trajectory.”

  • We aim to increase our share in the domestic market by refining our product appeal, productivity and sales strength and realizing our competitive advantages.
  • In overseas market, we will analyze growth markets and undertake sales promotions

Important Policies

  • Transformation and Creation

  • Concentration in Core Competencies

  • Digital Transformation

  • New Business

  • Alliances

Numerical targets for 5 years later

Net sales Operating profit ROE ROIC
40.0 billion yen* 2.6 billion yen 10.0% 9.0%

*The figure after the “Accounting Standard for Revenue Recognition,” etc. have been applied